What are mailing bags/mailers?

Mailing bags (also known as mailing bags and E-commerce bags) are efficient packaging solutions for soft and durable products that do not require shock protection. If you need to send fragile items, we recommend bubble mailers padded envelopes that have a protective layer of bubble wrap inside. 

Mail order bags are designed to make packaging of goods quick, easy, and cost-effective for e-commerce businesses. These convenient shipping bags come with a self-adhesive strip that makes it very easy for you to pack parcels. After placing your items in the bag, you simply peel off the strip and seal the flap! This way, you save time on packing, taping, and fussing. The adhesive strip also allows you to fold and seal the bag precisely where you want; if your products don't fill the entire bag, you can simply close the bag a little further down. 

Our range of mailing  bags

Our e-commerce bags come in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure there is something for every need. Regardless of the color of the bag, you can't see what's inside the package because the bags often have a dark interior, which protects against visibility. The most affordable mailing bag in our range is in the color gray. White mailing bags are our second most popular bag, after the gray low-cost bag.

Our mail bags are durable and waterproof, protecting against moisture and wear during transport and handling. The bags are of high quality and are 100% recyclable.